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    Creative Marketing Ideas
    The marketing channels you always heard about involve advertising or giving away prizes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Adwords is the other big player in the market.

    Writing articles for your specific industry that other websites will publish with a link to your website tends to get a lot of traffic but it can be difficult to find such websites if anybody could recommend some that would be great.

    For a sports/gambling affiliate:

    1. What are the most creative marketing methods you have seen to advertise an affiliate website?
    2. What do you actually think first time visitors to your affiliate website want to see apart from a banner with $200 sign up here?

    I am in the sports betting category and two of the best I have seen so far that take different approaches are and which had an annual turnover of over 3.3m in their last financial year.

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    We need some of our non-US brethren to help out here. We don't have the privilege of promoting gambling in the US - at least not US gambling sites...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Anybody want to share an idea?

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