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    Product promotion
    Well,guys ,happy new month,
    I realised that some people have products thet they wana promote and sell online,,but it seems hard,cus de cannot host an ecommerce site or store,,but i have a site with powerful tools to help you. Just signup,list,and sell, very simple, if u r interested,send me a private message for more details and d kind of product u have,, thank you

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    Mr.Jonaz - this post is a url or link away from a serious violation. Please read the rules. You cannot promote like this except with a paid ad. I'm feeling benevolent right now, so consider this an informal warning, but please, do not repeat this.

    Also, pm privileges come with 250 posts.

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    Alright,, but i did not add any link,, anyway thanks for the warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foramention View Post
    new here where and how can i promote affiliate program to get affiliates?
    Top of the page. Click on "ADVERTISE."
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    Product promotion works good in some teaser networks, though there are a lot of nuances. )

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    product promotion use internet marketing is very good thing every new customer knows about your product and interesting to order that product Promotion refers to raising customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty

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