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    Forum not providing backlink to linked websites
    Hello Webmasters,

    I have created a forum on pharmacy related discussions. This forum is running since two years now. It is indexed and crawled by Google several times. But the problem is that it is not providing a single backlink to the other linked websites in this forum. Users have profile homepages and signatures too. But my forum is not giving any backlink to them. This forum has been created with phpbb. Is there anything missing like any setting in ACP?
    This very problem is causing my forum users leaving my forum. Hopefully I will get help from my co webmasters. Thanks in advance for your valuable responses.

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    Could be any number of things:

    1. the Google looks at all those outbound links from the forum as "spammy"
    2. your forum visitors are spammy, and the Google knows it
    3. forums are NOT good places for "outbound links" because mostly spammers use forums for outbound links, and the Google knows it
    4. If your forum members are only interested in "outbound links", it's likely they are spammers - and the Google knows it.

    Point is, the Google "KNOWS". It knows who is linking in and who is linking out, both in/out links need reputation - without that the forum is just a spam party...
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    Yes, i have noticed this problem because my website have not got traffic from forum websites.

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    If you figure out what causes it, let us know. It would be great to set every forum up that way, so that people would participate because they actually have something of value to add rather than just wanting backlinks.
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    My advice on the matter at hand is that you should just give up. Seriously. Give up.
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    Thanks to all for sharing your views.

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    Google frowns on back linking and it can harm your website which means that it will seriously affect your traffic. Maybe look for other ways to attract traffic such as quality content on your site using keywords. Google is looking for high quality content and if you are writing it every day then you're site will eventually get into the top pages of the search engines.

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    Google says forum backlinks are pretty much worthless - announced it officially last May. Someday the word will filter down to forumspamlandia and it will begin to subside.

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    Googlescisms are quite predictable, and, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems to me Google's hardcoding all the rules into the Algorithm, which breaks the God's first commandment "if it ain't broken, don't fix it folks".

    I see lots of backlicks from forums in WMTools, and I can tell they're not worthless, quite the opposite. I didn't put them there, those are natural. I think Google relies on moderators of important forums, so if a link is on one of those - it matters and is legit, less work for Matt Cutts.

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    I think it depends on the forum. Are they nofollow? If not, then I suggest you search for another dofollow forums that are not spammy. My site itself got some of its traffic by forum posting, so it's not entirely useless, as long as you post something useful and not just spamming your signature around.

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