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    eCommerce website promotion
    How to promote product page of eCommerce website? What are the on page and off page technique for this?

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    Hi riyaz. I guess it would depend on the product and the main focus of your website. If your site is set up like an online shopping mall, you would go one direction. If it is more value/coupon/bargain focused, you would go another direction. That is just two examples -- there are thousands.

    The one thing that seems to always work best is to build any page so that it truly offers something of value to the visitor. Some people do this by offering (non spammy) content and having keywords in the page title, then weaving keywords at the beginning and throughout the content. This can be a thin line, since it can come off as overloading keywords if it is forced and inappropriate within the content. It also depends on the products. Some products just don't warrant big descriptions.

    For example: If I had a product page for a Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver, a good product page would have the name and size of the screwdriver. Example: Craftsman Phillips No. 2 x 8" Screwdriver as the page title.

    Then you would want to include the key features of the item, including price, but not by stuffing the description w/ keywords.

    For example:

    (this is from Sears' page)
    Key features
    Heat treated blades for strength
    Satin-Nickel finish for long life
    Labeled handle for quick ID
    Made in USA
    Craftsman Lifetime Warranty

    What wouldn't be good is:

    Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver Heat treated blades for strength
    Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver Satin-Nickel finish for long life
    Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver Labeled handle for quick ID
    Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver is Made in USA
    Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver has Craftsman Lifetime Warranty

    Real reviews from your site's visitors could be of interest and help add content to your page.

    A blurb about the lifetime warranty could be useful or at least a link to the information. (I can't believe Sears doesn't link to it)

    Any other information that could be of value to the visitor would also help, such as free shipping, rebate information, warranty, or discounts.

    A brief review of Craftsman's tools as a whole would also be of value.

    If you were doing a product page on the newest HP laptop, then it would probably mean offering more in-depth content. An example would be any of the HP laptop product pages on Unless you are a real "expert" on the product, I would avoid writing lengthy content in the hopes that it would attract search engines. Initially it might help you rank (maybe, but doubtful -- the internet is full or worthless product content) but in the long run it could result in tough penalties. Plus it's a lousy experience for your visitors.

    It would better, if you so choose, to use a few short blurbs (with a link) from reputable websites that focus on the product being sold. For example, with laptops I might quote (or a source that I trust) and include a link to the review.

    Product pages for clothing can be a bit more fun. Gag gifts can be crazy. It depends on the overall mood of your website.

    If you have a coupon site, then the information that visitors are seeking is more about price and value, and less about product specifics - in my opinion. Basically all visitors are looking for is a discount on something that they want to buy. Product reviews on certain types of products can be useful as well. But a lot of content on a product page on a coupon site is probably not what your visitor is hoping to find.

    In my opinion, if you stick to the idea that your pages should offer real value and maintain a certain amount of continuity with your site as a whole, then you can't go wrong. Ask yourself what kind of information that you would want and provide it to your visitors.

    Suggestion: Search for products that you sell and see what comes up in Google. Study the pages and see how you could adapt the same concepts to fit in with your site. Also, take time to read the different threads and all the free information on ABW and utilize that knowledge when building your website.
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    I just reread your question and I don't think I answered it. You were wanting to know how to promote a product page. Sorry!! Maybe someone can give you some ideas. After that long-winded opinion I just posted, on something you didn't ask about, I'm out of words for now

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    Leeann, i think you still answered the question As far as on-page work that you can do, you brought up reviews and real value, which are extremely important in promoting any product.
    Another great example of onpage work is video reviews. Zappos did a great job with these sometime in the last few years. You can see a video review on this product: Nike Nike Elastico Pro II Neutral Grey/Neo Lime/White/Black - Free Shipping BOTH Ways

    Seeing as this is under the SEO forum, I'll not bring up paid ads (PPC, Paid Social, etc.). As far as off-page promotion, there are a number of ways to look at this. Getting other sites to link to your product helps (maybe offer products for review, email sites already mentioning your product about including a link, ask non-competing retailers if they can link to your products) There really are limitless ways to go about doing this. Check out Jon Cooper's list of link-building tactics: Link Building Tactics - The Complete List Great stuff there if you look through it all!

    Hope that was helpful too

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeann View Post
    The one thing that seems to always work best is to build any page so that it truly offers something of value to the visitor.
    Can't beat that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickepicton View Post
    . It's a simple concept that shows the dramatic impact website promotion can have on an online store. With so many online stores crowding the Web, the competition for customers is fierce. In order to bring traffic to your e commerce website, you'll need a strategy that should include some - if not all - of the following e commerce website promotion tactics for online stores.
    Oops ... Looks like you forgot to copy-n-paste in the rest. You are missing the "following website promotion tactics." There are four of them listed on the (Network Solutions ?) page from which you plagiarized that paragraph. Or, are you the original author?
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    Tips to start e-commerce webiste:

    1. Do On-page SEO on your webiste
    2. Create Company And Brand Profile On All Social Networking Websites Like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Myspace
    3. Optimize your webiste on relevant forum webistes
    4. Start a webiste blog and post interesting as well as unique content with daily offers on product
    5. Create attractive design and banners
    6. Give discount on your company products
    7. Create Brand or company buisiness listing on all local listing websites.

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    To promote an e-commerce product, there is no way other than making ads, email marketing, and social media post to promote the things you sell. I recommend using Google Adwords. Sure, it's a bit expensive, but its quality is guaranteed. You'll also get many other functions along with the ads. Other than that, just make backlinks in related sites.

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    Now these day e-commerce website need only SMO strategies to attract the customers on their website. They need to publish post ob their Fan pages and the user can gain attention from their. Just need some attractive heading and Images.

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