I have had a number of merchants datafeeds have problems. I know it's the merchant who should be also making the links work but I'm disapinted that Avantlink let such crappy low quality datafeeds into their system and I'm surprised as I'm usualy one of the first people to say I like most things about the network.

Here is an example:

I wrote a support ticket several months ago about using the TightBoards datafeed. All the products I checked all led to 404 paqes, which is a just a joke really. I spent a lot of time implementing their feed and then find most of the products are dead.

I forgot about, then came back to my website to update it then see there was an empty datafeed from TightBoards. I could see there was 200 products to load into my niche site so I load them in and yes guess what, I realize that nothing had changed since I discovered this in April, all their products I tried led to 404 pages.

I had to now just clean up all these products, what a waste of time that was.