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    The American Man Who Is A Self-Proclaimed King
    I claim this piece of Africa for my daughter, Princess Emily | Life and style | The Guardian

    Virginian Jeremiah Heaton has claimed 800 square miles of Africa as his own personal Kingdom.

    A Virginia father, Jeremiah Heaton, flew to Africa for the express purpose of claiming the 800 square miles that make up Bir Tawil, a desert territory that falls between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. Heaton travelled for 14 hours in a caravan in order to plant the flag (designed by his children) on the soil of Bir Tawil, an act that he reckons makes his claim more legitimate than previous attempts made online. The children have decided to name it the "Kingdom of North Sudan". His daughter, "Princess" Emily, seven, has said she wants to ensure children in the region have enough food (Bir Tawil itself is uninhabited).
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    (Bir Tawil itself is uninhabited).
    Umm, I think I can guess why that is.. sand isn't much of a cash crop and tastes bad, dry and gritty as it is. Good luck with your garden, Princess Emily.

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    I can see it now: Sheldon Adelson's Venetian Bir Tawil Hotel and Casino

    Celine Dion opens Thursday.

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