I want to offer a paid service to go alongside the free sports betting tips service which is in place currently.

I am trying to decide on payment methods and subscription prices.

For the moment I will charge a small annual fee that will cover a full 'season' in a specific sport. It would probably be a case if you purchase the subscription service you will pay the same amount no matter when you paid during the season as you will get the tips for the remainder of the season.

If I use Paypal and there is a large number of subscribers, how can I know who paid for what if I offer monthly packages for exmple as I wont have the time to manually verify every email with a subscription package so how do large services do this?

The thing with emails is that 20 people pay for one subscription and the email is simply forwarded to everyone so I lose out on 19 potential paying subscribers. Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem?

Thanks Folks.