if anyone has experience either with beauty/cosmetics-related affiliate programs or with doing this stuff from canada, i could really use your help.

basically, i started a beauty blog type of thing and i'm just now signing up for affiliate programs. my first choice was sephora, and since they're with linkshare, i signed up for that. but they're nowhere to be found on linkshare. what's up with that? this also happened with lush. their signup form link says the company is "currently inactive" with cj. can someone explain this?

second question: if i sign up for a canadian affiliate program such as thebodyshop canada, will i get commission if i direct people to thebodyshop usa? linkshare for example has both of these programs, and the american one denies me instantly, but not the canadian one.

i'm super new to this stuff, obviously. my boyfriend got me into it.