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    Targeted Traffic
    I been studying affiliated marketing since 2011 I learned affiliated marketing and how I can designed my own web sites. Now I need targeted traffic. I have been using It is a very easy web site tools to use. I don't know if I should keep this web site or go with a ecomerce web site. I do have a women's fashion web site and I think it is better if I had drop down menu. Homestead does not have that. I spent $17.95 For 10,000 visitors to my dating web site and my web site stats shows only 3,825 visitors to my dating web site. I checked out etraffic24/ and I saw bad reviews and then I was going to sign up for and that is how i got on this site and i heard bad reviews about ineedhits. com

    My question is what is the best web site host i should get and what is the best way to drive targeted traffic to my sites to make conversions. I did try a lot of different ways, but maybe someone out there tried something I have not tried?

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    Have worked with several super affiliates who started with to hone their skills before designing and hosting their own sites. They left the site up and it occassionally sent a sale through as long as the affiliate links are still valid.

    The long term strategy is to build a site with current content to get index by the search engines i.e. SEO. That doesn't cost you money other than hosting and design tools but it takes time. Have heard from affiliates that they write a page or two a day expecting to not get traffic for 6-12 months to that page.

    You can pay for clicks with the most effective and expensive being Google AdWords. Perhaps look at 2nd and 3rd tier search engines to purchase traffic from. Other 1st tier are Bing and Yahoo which are less expensive but also send less traffic. G is about 85%.

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    I've never liked any of the web 2.0 hosts (ex. homestead, weebly, webs, etc.). I prefer paying for my own hosting (around $5 /mo for as many sites as you want) and installing wordpress which gives much more flexibility including ecommerce functionality.

    As far as traffic Chuck is right. CPC is great for scaling. Test at the beginning until you hit the profit margin you want then scale up. Other sources within the paid realm (beyond search): FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and tons more. I personally prefer the SEO side; May take longer, but more consistent if you do it right

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