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    Angry Prohibited SEM Display URL Content
    I'm starting to explore CJ and found some program terms of advertisers.

    It says "Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content"

    If i'm using Google Adwords to promote them, what URL should I use? Does it mean that I should have my own web page? What if I want the users to go directly to their website after they click on my link. Do you think a website redirect is advisable?

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    Keep reading the terms.

    Next is usually "Direct Linking: NO".

    All of this means: You can't do PPC with that merchant. Any PPC, regarding products from that merchant will have to be done TO your site.

    Don't use their name in the display URL, and don't send them direct PPC traffic...
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    Many programs don't want you to use SEM.

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    Always best to ask the AM and get permission. You could have $1000 out in ad spend just to get all commissions charged back because you violate the program terms. Even if the terms are not clear i.e. they omitted it, they can still reverse your commissions.

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    ohh.. thanks for all your answers. i love this forum

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