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    More on Merchants Handicapping Their Affiiates
    Another instance where merchants handicap their affiliates is when they have programs available on multiple networks, but have different tools available for their separate programs. I'm not talking about what a particular network may offer, but rather third party tools such as Popshops and SellFire.

    Often in the past I have seen an offer to join a program through one or another network, looked at the merchant, and decided to join, but I've now learned to look further and first see if the merchant has programs on other networks and investigate as to whether or not those programs vary from network to network. Occasionally I see different commission rates, but more often I see the merchant on Popshops or Sellfire on only one, or maybe two, of perhaps several different network programs. And, what makes matters worse, and I have never been able to figure this out not have I ever received an answer to any inquiry, is why a merchant will have less products available on one PS feed than on another one, or between PS and Sellfire. The merchant referred to below has 35,000 products in their CJ Popshops feed, but only 5,000 in their CJ SellFire feed.

    So, today I reviewed offers to join a merchant through their programs on two different networks, and liking the merchant's product line and due to other factors, I decided to accept. This email sent to the affiliate manager for the program I rejected spells out how I made my choice:
    [one other note: this merchant had a slightly better commission structure for its Avantlink program than for its program on CJ]


    Thanks for your offer. I reviewed the Merchant dot com site and found products that I feel that I can promote. I also reviewed offers to join their affiliate programs on both Avantlink and on Commission Junction, and while I would have much preferred the program through Avantlink, I had no choice but to accept the CJ offer as the Merchant dot com feed on Popshops is only available through the CJ program and not through the Avantlink program.

    Merchants who decide to offer affiliate programs through various networks need to understand that if they expect success with such multiple programs, they need to make all tools available to their affiliates through each program, and handicapping your Avantlink affiliates is no way to promote success with that program. I understand that you may feel that having a Popshops feed for an Avantlink merchant is unnecessary as Avantlink has its own Ad Widget tool, but that fails to understand that affiliates may well want to integrate products from more than one merchant, including merchants on other networks only, in one shop. Also, while a very useful tool with which affiliates can build good looking and potentially profitable shops, the Avantlink Ad Widget does not compare with the features that Popshops offers in building and customizing shops, as well as the fact of having thousands of merchant feeds available.

    Anyway, thanks for your offer, and again, I would have much preferred the Avantlink program over CJ.

    Phil Kaufman

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    I don't know why the differing amounts in network's feeds happen, but if I see a program that has a feed in PopShops in one network, but not another, I just write PopShops at merchants (at) popshops + CC the AM, with the subject: Merchant Name (Network) Please add to PS. And repeat this line in the body. I mention that their feed is already in Popshops via (Network).

    I also send a separate email to the AM (as they do change) with a note about what PopShops is, their feed is already in via (Network). I send them to the PopShops Advertiser's page: www. popshops. com/support/merchant-datafeed-faq.

    P.S. - Yes, PopShops is adding new merchants, they never stopped.
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