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    Lightbulb TSA Wants YOUR Idea to Speed Up Checkpoints
    "A pack of trained monkeys could do a better, more efficient job!"

    Is this what you think when you're in a long, slow-moving line, especially when time is of the essence? Especially at airports, when your flight time is creeping closer and closer, as TSA staffers are moving sooooo slow getting people through security?

    Travel affiliates, do you or your site visitors have a better way to do it, a faster, more efficient way to get passengers through airport security and to their flight?

    Well, TSA wants to hear from you! That's right, TSA is soliciting ideas from the public on how to better handle airport security checkpoints, and the best ideas, if accepted, can earn the person submitting them as much as $15,000!

    Got an idea to speed things up? Go to the TSA site they've set up for this, and submit your idea.

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    In before "just get rid of the TSA" comments that are sure to follow.
    Daniel M. Clark
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    First thing that comes to mind - open up all the security check points. Duh...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Expand the TSA PRE program. Two recent flights (last Thursday and today) had me breeze through security with my shoes and belt on and my laptop in the bag.
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
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