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    Spot Checking Datafeeds
    superCool ran a search here on ABW and found a few people mentioning this, but not much detail. Just wondering if anyone does a spot check on their datafeed accuracy? Been noticing more and more bad feeds lately that have been online for too long with dead images and dead links. Need an automated way to identify them.

    Thinking of writing a script to spot check a few merchants every day. Don't want to go overboard and send too many fake clicks, but it would be good to run through a group every day and highlight potential issues.

    The script could grab a few links and then request the pages and probably check status and maybe text "not found", "not available", etc..

    What do you think? Does anybody do this or do you have ideas? Do you see any issues with merchant terms etc.? Some say you can't spider their site, but would this count?

    Do the major networks perform any quality control on their feeds?

    Also - some networks (Avantlink for one) handle not found merchant images by sending a generic not found image back. How would you recognize that? superCool doesn't know how that works. Will need to look into it, but could use guidance if you know.


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    Spot check feeds, yes - manually. Would be interested in automation here.

    SAS an CJ are the only networks (off the top of my head) that show the last time a feed was updated. If the feed is over 30 days old, we don't bother.

    As for the images, ie: AL, unfortunately usually don't catch that until a merchant is up. Then they are contacted. If no IMMEDIATE response, the merchant is removed...
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    There is a SAS merchant I met at ASW 2009, and I didn't sign up with them on the spot, I recently signed up to replace a non-performer, but the feed is sooooo old and the thumbnail images were hosted on the OPM's blog back in 2009 - where they no longer are hosted. No merchant response after several attempts. This probably doesn't belong here, more like in the "How to Kill a Program" Thread...

    Automating checking would be a good thing, yes

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    There are many merchants out there who could quintuple their sales volume and lower their blood pressure if they'd just spend half the time maintaining their feed that they do blasting out "limited time offers" every week.
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