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    Help me start my business!

    I need your help finding typical affiliate fees paid by organisations in various sectors to help me complete my business plan (hoping to create an online affiliate platform). I am used to the term ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) but you guys may use different terms. Basically I'd like to know what is the average affiliate fee paid per sale as a percentage of the revenue from a sale, across a range of different industries. Ideally I'd also like to know the typical minimum and typical maximum fees by industry too.

    This will really help me predict the kind of money I can make practiciing affiliate marketing in various industries.

    Any help you can give me finding useful data or sharing your experience of such matters would be hugely appreciated.

    Many Thanks, Steve

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    You can answer all that for yourself. Simply visit websites of organizations in those "various sectors" in which you have an interest. Many of those sites (but not all) will have an "Affiliate(s)" link - usually near the bottom of the home page. Many of those "Affiliate Program" pages will delineate their basic terms.
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    "This will really help me predict the kind of money I can make practiciing affiliate marketing in various industries."
    There are soooo many more variables in play than simply knowing the average commission rate or the minimum or maximum in any given industry. I hope you're considering more than just the numbers because the way you've presented it sounds very ambitious.
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    Not to disparage your work, it sounds like an ambitious proposition. Rather than an actual business plan, the results might be closer to a Term Paper when it comes to applying this theory. There simply is no way to predict your success or failure rate before getting your feet wet. Averages are misleading. Traffic and their habits/preferences are quite simply unpredictable. Good luck

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    I agree that you can simply visit websites of well known organizatios to learn more about affiliate program, definitely it's hard to predict your success but you can evaluate every step and its consequences in order to take corrective action till you find the best solution.

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