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    How to Build Brand Value?
    Hello friends....

    How to Build Brand Value for My Website and Business? I have created many high PR backlinks for my website but still it is ranked on tenth page. What should I do to get my site ranked in first 10 results?

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    Here's your problem:
    I have created many high PR backlinks for my website
    Years ago, lots of links were important, not any more. Too many links and poor quality links can count against you. Backlinks that YOU create are not "Natural" links or "editorial" links which are the only kind of links that matter to Google these days. See, too many people started creating their own backlinks and sort of ruined that as an avenue for success. Now it is other signals they look for.

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    Build high PR backlinks is not enough to create brand. you need to get high quality backlinks from related sites. when you are getting more direct visits your brand is promoted.

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    Branding takes heavy advertising and can't be done via backlinks.

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    You might find the steps in this article helpful. The article discusses:
    • Popularity and your traffic
    • Your brand -- what does your business stand for?
    • Your Logo
    • feedback from vendors & buyers
    • Your bounce rate
    • A potential survey
    • You have to put all of that stuff together for yourself

    The article is: Brand Audit: Grow Your Business With A Strong Brand

    The above IS NOT from an affiliate site.
    This is how the publication defines itself:
    SteamFeed was founded in August 2012 by DJ Thistle and Daniel Hebert. We set out to create an incredible resource for marketing professionals, social media managers, and small business owners.

    We did this by gathering some of the best minds in marketing, social media, and technology to write about the always evolving social media and marketing landscape from their experience and provide resources and strategies that our readers could immediately implement to improve their results. Source: Welcome to the Social Media Revolution
    This should help a variety of publishers at different levels
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julia Patterson View Post
    Hire some SEO experts to increase to build your website or business brand value. Bcoz, they can able to provide the best SEO solution based on your requirement.

    Branding takes careful planning - hiring SEO "experts" won't get you anywhere if your site isn't brandable...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Convergence View Post
    Rubbish - Heh - that's a perfect term for most of the SEO "expert" advice that we see around these forums.
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    Suraj Singh,

    There are multiple ways to increase your brand awareness as well as gain rank within the search engines. A lot of it has to do with doing your research and weeding through the resources you have available to your disposal. In my opinion SEO should be your best friend. Make sure that you are really using SEO to your advantage in order to gain the edge over your competitors. That entails having excellent content that is useful and relevant to the users (no duplicate content), high search volume keywords (do not keyword stuff), updating your title tags and meta descriptions to be relevant to the landing page your users are expecting to reach (use keywords and do your research on title tag and meta description lengths), get listed (there are thousands of listings available) and also be sure to have quality incoming and outgoing links.

    Ultimately the goal should be to have the users best interest in mind, so make sure to have lots of fresh relevant content. Like the comment above says, "Social Media" is very effective. Use that to your advantage as well!
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    You can "rank" all you want - doesn't mean your site is "brandable"...
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    Thanks to all for sharing your views and suggestions. Really appreciate to all.

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    The real value for your brand will come after your customers are so satisfied with your product & customer service that they recommend you to others. All of the other things we do are just to support that goal. Backlinking your own stuff is becoming a thing of the past, although it could still be helpful in spots where it is genuinely in line with the conversation going on & would be truly helpful to the persons involved. It takes a good deal of discretion to place backlinks appropriately & have them work for you instead of against you.
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    From what I know there are several thing you need if you want to start branding your site:
    1. Is your site brand-able? This is the most basic thing you should ask yourself. What unique things your website has that's different than other sites similar to yours? What is the advantage people can have when they use your website services?
    2. If you fulfills criteria 1, then you have to ask yourself: Do you have enough resources and connections? Branding is not a simple thing. It needs dedicated effort and much, much resources. You also have to make many connections with many important sites and people, whether it's people that works in the same type of product as you, or the general populace. It also need a bit of luck, but that can come later.

    Those are the main points you should consider when you want to start branding. Only having good backlinks are not enough to start branding so you better know your site and products first before you brand it.

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