Hello everyone,

I gave Amazon Associates a shot about a few months ago and added a second stream of income to a site of ours. It generated a little over $3.5k in the past month (mostly coming from two articles--not yet testing it sitewide).

I need help with compiling a list of sites that currently operate like CNET, PCMagazine, etc. that generate revenue from affiliate offers on their reviews. I'm trying to research sites in different niches other than tech, too. And please no online swap meet type sites.

edit: ps... no couponing sites -- looking for sites that provide a little more to their community other than offers. We have a team of writers and seasoned professionals in the dog industry.

Reason for the list is I am dissecting site's Page Source code to see if we're ultimately going to use WordPress, Drupal, or go custom.

Thank you all.