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    The basics of growing your business as an affiliate marketer?
    I'm trying to understand how an affiliate marketer goes about beginning/adding to a portfolio of clients.

    Say I'm an affiliate and I have a blog which promotes sports goods. I have a list of sports brands whose goods I could promote and who I know have an affiliate scheme in place and my site is ready to go.

    How do I go about hooking up with those brands? Do I need to be approved by them? Do I need to ask to be accepted on to their programme? Or can I just use the code they give in their affiliate programme documentation to direct my referrals to the right place and begin sending them? So that way I could theoretically sign up with hundreds of different brands in a matter of days.

    If the latter were the case how would I obtain images and product spec copy of their products to feature on my site? Just copy them from their site?

    And is it only retailers that accept affiliate programmes? I imagine a manufacturer doesn't want to get involved in warehousing/logistics/delivery etc.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Most of the merchants work through an affiliate network, so you would have to first be accepted by the network, then apply and be accepted by the merchant. If you don't follow these steps, you won't earn any commissions on sales generated. Some merchants may have in-house programs; you'll need to find out individually where each program is offered. You can join multiple programs and multiple networks, but only join a merchant through one source (not on two networks, or not on a network and their in-house program).

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    Thanks very much Jeanine, I'm grateful.

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    There are several Affiliate Networks discussed here at ABW, where you can learn from the experiences that other affiliates have had with those networks before investing in signing up all over the place and then learning the pluses and minuses that others have already had. One place for a quick view is in the annual ABW Best Of Awards here. The networks are not all the same and some offer very cool tools to help you get all the creatives easily, while others make you wade through mazes to get links one at a time. It pays to know who you're partnering with for a better experience in your efforts.

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