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    Thumbs up ebay enterprise network manager
    Since I am jumping from one network to the other trying to find shops that really target our niche in arts and crafts I just want to share my two pennies here.
    I really love how ebay enterprise gives you a contact name and a real person welcomes you to the network as soon as you are accepted. You get your network manager to talk to, a real person to help you out and understand your model.

    I had a gap analysis by my network manager on the first day after understanding our model.

    5 stars for that!

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    They've always been that way. They'll respond to emails or phone calls and actually do whatever they can to solve problems. In fact they are the only network that has not ever bullshitted or otherwise stonewalled me about anything.
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    I'm glad to hear that your experiences with our services team is consistent with what we require as our standard. If, for any reason, anyone on here feels like they need more attention, feel free to come to me directly on the forum here, or reach out to any of the contact information on my profile. We pride ourselves on being engaged with each of our partnerships, whether on the advertiser or the publisher side of the business.

    On to the Outdoor Retailer show! Good luck everyone!

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