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    How can this be? Can somone explain?
    Stats like this ALL $0 and the merchant goes Offline due to lack of funds?

    7 Day 30 Day
    EPC: $0.00 $0.00
    Reversal: 0.00 % 0.00 %
    Ave Sale: $0.00 $0.00
    Ave Comm: $0.00 $0.00

    Last Commissionable Transaction via Affiliate:
    05/13/2014 01:58:16 PM

    I am getting SO F**ckn frustrated by merchants going offline and SAS doing absolutely nothing about it! WORKING FOR NUTTIN!

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    Affiliates need to keep an eye on this sort of thing BEFORE it gets out of hand. I know it's very difficult to keep track of dozens, hundreds, thousands of affiliate programs, but you need to check stats of every merchant you promote, on a regular basis.

    If I saw 30 day zero EPC, no sales in more than a month, I'd have investigated and likely gotten rid of them long before they went offline, ESPECIALLY if I had been getting regular sales from then and it all stopped. (my 2).

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    If you mean "how is it possible to go offline for lack of funds without any sales?". I would guess that the last of that merchant's deposit just got spent for their monthly fees. The Network's Fees go on whether sales happen or not and they don't show in the public stats.

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    I don't know the Merchant so I'm not sure of details, but we cut them off in these cases specifically so that you are not sending traffic that cannot be paid via commissions. If we let them go into the negative, or run up a "tab" then you could actually be sending traffic with no earning potential. Keep in mind that traffic you already sent still can convert even when they are offline for the length of that cookie duration.

    We have 5 or 6 tools available to monitor offline status, including some to redirect broken traffic. I'd also recommend API or RSS monitoring of your programs for "Low Funds" status which is a precursor to offline obviously.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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