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    Useful Strategies for Affiliate Marketing
    Hi. I am rather new at affiliate marketing. I found that just putting a bunch of banners on our site with the hope that site visitors and members will just click away and make a purchase may not be a sound approach.

    I am thinking of the following strategies need to be put into place:

    1. Build a relationship with site members, users through opt-in newsletters, forum etc.
    2. Send out regular newsletters to member list with useful content and very little promotion. Every so often then go a bit more heavy on promoting a specific merchant product.
    3. Design a specific page on site for a specific merchant deal and promote it
    4. Write a post about a specific merchant's product and promote it

    What strategies would you like to share that can help a starting affiliate be successful?

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    That is a good start but there is so much more to affiliate marketing that all the strategies could not be discussed in one thread. Keep reading, learning, and refining.

    I have personally started having some good success with inline links in my articles

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    Thanks agmccall for the tip about inline links in articles. That seems to be a common theme in several of the posts I have read. I need to pay more attention to this concept of adding links in posts vs. just banners.

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    I would agree. There are so many different methods to Affiliate Marketing and determining how to get conversions can be just as strenuous. The Affiliate Marketing world in constantly changing making it a everyday grind to make a positive ROI or successful campaign. For the most part, I do see you are on the right track as far as approaching marketing on your website. The biggest thing to remember is a lot of this business is about developing relationships and nurturing them. You can never go wrong with getting your users to opt-in and sending them VALUABLE information. Growing a list is extremely useful and can be a gold mind. Useful and relevant information in someones inbox always has a better chance of converting. And since you will be gaining trust and developing relationships it will result in less unsubscribing from your users when you do drop a few promotions on them. Continue doing your research and learning because to be successful with affiliate marketing you have to use your resources and continuously learn. Feel free to reach out to me at all if you want more information on how to increase your conversion rates or just have questions. But for the most part you are in the right place to find people who can relate to you or guide you to help with your goals. Grind hard every day and don't stop testing. When you find what works, crush it!

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    Developing new offers and offering discounts on your products/services can help a starting affiliate be successful, this can be done after understanding well your products/ services and your customers' needs in order to set a perfect strategy that can really statisfy their needs.

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