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    [Research] Turning blog post into infographic
    Hi guys,
    I'm going to make 5 infographic for 5 bloggers and I believe that would be good for getting new visitors who loves visuals. I want to know if it helps in increasing traffic.
    PM me if you are interested.

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    Interested in answering your question! No one will PM you about what they think about infographics. They will just post here.

    Also this is your first post. PM rights will come later.

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    The question is incidental...she doesn't care. She's trying to drum up some infographic design business.
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    Of course. If you have visual information, you get about 40% more views than text only. I'm only trying to figure out why you're putting time & effort into making infographics without knowing the answer to this question?
    Erin Walsh,
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    I think infographics and other visual information is a good way to diversify your content marketing pieces. But I say you need to create a content marketing plan for an upcoming month where you would put all articles, visuals and other that you want to publish. Basically, at the end you need to create a strategy that you will follow. So plan is a must. Also it will help you be more organised. Good luck!

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