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    I apologize in advance, becausew I KNOW this has been asked/answered before, but I just cant find it...

    We have multiple websites. Does CJ or the merchant care if we signed up for the program using and we have links with that code on

    We have many sites with the same niche, and we have links with the same cj code scattered everywhere! Is this a problem for cj or the merchant?


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    I've never had a problem with using the same code on a number of websites, however it is not a very strategic way to do things.

    It is much better to "add a new web site" under "web site settings" and that way use a website specific code for your new pages - thus being able to track the success of your campaign. You can add any number of sites or even individual pages in this way. All pages/sites are included in any reports you generate.

    This way your merchants have access to all your sites - everything is disclosed. But I've never had a merchant approve site #1 but not #2.

    maybe a merchant could comment on what info is reveiwed before a site is approved/dissaproved.

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