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    Stuck with a hosting question
    I listened to some good advice in the responses to my previous questions on here, and I once again thank you, one and all, for any impatience my machine-gun questions may have caused..

    In fact, I have another question..

    I just acquired a domain name at gatorhost, and I am signing up for hosting on bluehost, based on the direction the highly recommended web hosting review site I discovered in my prevous search sessions. I didn't sign up for bost hosting AND domain name registrsation on the same site, as per the general forum consensus.

    The separation issue only pertains to the domain name registrar and the hosting service, right? I mean, there are no known issues with accepting the wordpress download from the hosting site?

    Once again, Thanks

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    WP quick install options are not usually a problem - though some do install jetpack which works better on than on most other sites and is a pita to remove. The WP install is not an issue because if you want to move, you just install a new one at the new host and move your files to the new install. (After making sure your settings are good to go.) It is a good idea to keep backups of your WP database on your local drive or wherever you keep important files - and keep it up to date. With that in hand you can setup pretty quickly anywhere and not lose anything.

    Another tip on new WP setups is to do any updates BEFORE you start building. Most quick install options that hosts offer do not give you the newest version. BTW a VERY important security update came out this past week for both Drupal and WP. That makes getting the newest version even more important.

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