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    Capturing Leads
    After doing some research I have decided that Capturing email addresses and other information to sell as leads seems like the best option for me. I just have some questions:

    1) What type of disclosure to I have to give to the people whose info I am capturing? Do I have to disclose that it will be sold as a lead? I'm not suggesting that I want to be dishonest about what will happen to their information just want to make sure I don't do anything illegal.

    2) I know that there are sites out there to help me build a web page but are there any that are specifically designed to help with capturing info?

    3) Any tips for someone getting started in this type of business?

    I am wanting do this as a side business and eventually do it full time. I am serious about running this as a legitimate business and I am not looking for a get rich quick scheme. All advice is welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

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    Read the CAN-SPAM Act.

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