Merchant Category: Fashion

We are pleased to announce the program launch of MOFÉ on AvantLink!

MOFÉ understands how far women have come to be where they are today, and they design handbags to represent today's passionate, resilient, and smart women in a fashionable way. Each handbag is specially handcrafted with genuine leather and a focus on the "3S's" to create bags for the modern-day woman:

STYLE – Exuding a modern yet chic sophistication that enhances an outfit and endures the test of time.

SHAPE – Complementing the woman’s figure with feminine silhouettes, flattering dimensions and subtle curve appeal.

STRUCTURE – Providing convenience and comfort in carrying and accessing personal effects.

Program highlights include:
  • Earn 8% for every sale
  • Cookie return days: 30
  • AffiliateTraction™ program management
  • Regularly updated creative

Interested in applying to AvantLink and this program? CLICK HERE.

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the MOFÉ program manager Matt Lim,

Network Announcement: MOFÉ is live @AvantLink!