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    Newbie with a couple of questions
    I applied for CJ and got accepted. I applied to a variety of programs and got accepted to a number of them.


    1. Is there a way to filter products by those that are on sale?

    If I go into my "Links" and select products I can filter by price but not by discount.

    Ultimately I want to have a developer integrate the CJ API in to my website and pull back this information automatically (which I imagine can be done?) but for now I am forced to do it manually.

    2. Can I use 'other' photos or alter the photos that are supplied for products?

    3. When I hire a developer to integrate the API can I set parameters to only display products by price and/or discount percentage?

    Thanks, Adrian

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    I am pretty sure that api doesn't have this option. There is a free plugin called cjniche thay can help you get started.

    There are probably sale price and normal price in the api response I never used this so i do not know for sure.

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    The plan is this when you hire a developer (and I hope you find a good one who knows that they are doing) is its not API its the datafeeds of the merchants. If the datafeeds are kept up to date then you can store the vital information in a database and keep track of the current price and the highest price of an item, once its in your database then you can quickly find which products are on sale yourself. All you need is a bit of time. Sure the first few days you won't know what is on sale, but soon you will.

    To make myself clear, for a given merchant (or merchants) you promote everyday (with luck so you will have to keep track) the products of the merchant will be given to you in a datafeed with the rest of the information there. There will be three classification of products 1) New products (one assumes newest products aren't on sale) 2) Products already in your database (then you compare the price you have with the new price, if the price drops its on sale :-) 3) Products no longer in the datafeed (these are either out of stock or terminated, what do do with this list is up to you, you could hold for a while or erase them from your database, up to you.

    To make you you are thinking about work that is how you do it. But as I said before, you must monitor that the datafeeds are updated regularly and accurate.

    re: photos if the datafeed doesn't supply the photo you want, where will you get it? Besides the legal copyright issues, if you are dealing with lots of products it takes a while and is very boring to collect those photos especially after a month of doing it every day :-)
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