My name is Ian from Kiwi land (New Zealand) and I am looking to communicate with the owners / support staff or anyone from Sellfire, as well as other users.

Like many of the existing comments - great product zero support. Had one response and then everyone seems to have stopped talking to me.

I am at a total loss why people would spend whatever dollars creating a good product and get customers then just opt out of supporting their customers. Not logical at all.

Must have heaps of money to throw away is my comment and happy to have their "brand" get a real bad name right across cyberspace which has happened as I cannot find many positive comments, only negative ones all relating to "zero" support.

Want help sellfire? Then ask your users and maybe some of us would help answer support questions.

My rant

Anyways, the woo commerce import for me, just sits there spinning and no imports are made.

Anyone got any suggestions for me to trouble shoot this isuse through