I reside in Asia and the only form of payment available is via Check which is sent via "standard USPS" post.

I haven't received the last two checks from Linkshare and I asked them to reissue it. Along with the next two payments, they issued another check for over $100k and it is sent again via standard post.

I requested LS support to send it via DHL or FedEx as the standard postal service is not 100% reliable in my country with no tracking information available but they are not willing to send it. I even said I will pay for the extra cost butI am now skeptical whether i will receive this payment as well and I am out of funds for my biz.

Its already been two weeks since the last check for $100k+ was sent and I haven't received it yet. I usually receive it in 2-3 weeks.

Question for LS Mod:

If I did not receive the recent check again in the next 10 days or so

1. Can you resend the payment via wire transfer just this one time (or)
2. Can you resend the check via DHL or Fedex as the amount is big and the checks were lost for 3 times in a row (or)
3. Can i ask a friend of mine in New york to collect the reissued check directly in person from the linkshare office so that he can mail it to me via FedEx or give it to someone who is travelling to my country who can hand it over to me?

My site id is 2339440.