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    Question Product Feed - DMCA?
    Hello all,

    Does anyone here have a experience with using a xml / rss product feed that is provided by a affiliate network leading into a DMCA removal from Google Search?

    One page is listed in the email, and there is a link going to a website called chilling effects.

    On there it posts the following:
    Notice Unavailable

    The cease-and-desist or legal threat you requested is not yet available.

    Chilling Effects will post the notice after we process it.
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    Full Notice has now been updated:

    So it appears a 3rd party working for EMI thinks my site has been pirating music / providing free mp3 downloads?

    I haven't / nor never will do anything of this sorts.

    As a affiliate do I have the right to display a CD Cover Image since this is the only other thing that can possible be left in regards to copyright?

    What should I do here, a DMCA Counter file?

    Thanks all!
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    On the chillingeffects site you will find the information on filing a counter DMCA notice. There is a list of specific URLs shown there, if any of those are your URLs, that is the only specific item(s) in the claim you need to respond to. People file with Google rather than following the proper steps because Google will remove content right away (just like a host would) to stay within safe harbor provisions to limit their liability (even if they have no liability). Then you need to defend your content. Scroll down near the bottom of that page you linked to and you will find the form. The sooner you file your counter notice the less time your content may be hidden in Google.

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