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    Three Ways Publishers are Innovating
    Some new innovations are resulting in improved conversion rates. Just sharing so we all can be aware of new strategies and tactics.

    Three Ways Publishers are Innovating from PerformanceIN.

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    Valuable article.

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    Yes, i love all three points of your article and really helpful to innovate new strategies to grow our businesss. I personally loved your third last point "Augmented Reality".

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    Thanks for sharing this article. It was well written & brings to light some of the newer innovations that we'll all need to be aware of as we try to help increase conversion rates. Interesting that they're watching how much time people are spending on a website trying to make a decision & then giving them an incentive to "close the deal". Or that they wait until a customer is close to a certain spending limit & then put a discount on it if they spend just a little bit more. It is similar to non-virtual sales in that they can "watch" for customer response & deal with them accordingly. This will most certainly change the face of online sales in the future as they learn to "read" the customer based upon their online behaviours.
    Erin Walsh,
    Director of PR, [URL=""]Boost Affiliates[/URL]

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