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    August 24th, 2014
    Smile Best Affiliate Program for Newbies
    What is the best affiliate program to make money right away for newbies?
    I am working online as an affiliate with Payspree and Clickbank for now. I've applied to some others.

    I have looked at the statistics and choose the best one. I don't know what to look for in a successful affiliate program.

    I took Quantitative Research Methods at Walden University for my Applied Psychology program. I hope that some of my education I can use to my advantage. Thank you so much for your response.

    Susan H.

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    Hi Susan,

    There are many kinds of Affiliate Programs and it would totally depend upon your promotional methods and area of interest to find what works for you best.

    You can find many Affiliate Program on and can choose on the basis of the recent payouts which gives a good idea about which program is better.

    Many program also have a pay per sale policy so can earn immediately and need not wait to reach a minimum payout level.

    Hope I have answered you queries.

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    Not familiar with payspree so I can't offer anything in regard to that, other than that the name of the place sound rather hype-ish.

    99.999% of the stuff on clickbank is pure hype that is designed to be sold with pure hype, for the purpose of separating suckers from their dollars. If you dig really deep, there are *some* information-type products there that are worthwhile, but even that stuff generally requires a very hype approach in order to succeed at selling it. So if you're a hype type of person, you may very well find your calling at clickbank.

    Most of us here on this forum don't really deal very much with that fastlane type of stuff. We're mostly storefront/blog operators who advertise consumer goods for sale.

    But anyway, to answer your first question... the best approach is to try to sell something related to your own hobbies or interests; you'll be able to present/pitch items in a way that you and your target site visitors are comfortable with, as you will give a vibe of knowing what you are talking about.
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    I'm learning very informative site

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    Hi there! Depends on the methods you are using to promote the products, the niche you are interested in, whether or not you have a website or blog etc. I manage few good programs on ClickBank, so please let me know if you are interested in more details.

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    I would suggest ClickBank for beginners. Because there is a lot of different niches and products. Which will help you to find perfect product no matter what kind of method you use.


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    Recommend searching for clickbank here and educating yourself first.

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    As an independent program, check out . Nice commission rate, plus it is easy to adapt their products to a wide variety of niches; artwork and posters.

    When it gets closer to Xmas, I really like the conversion rate of Amazon, even if the cookie is only one day.
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    Hey there! Clickbank is the best for beginners. I am know that from experience that you always find top converting products for industry experts which products i promote

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    Focusing on clickbank is a major mistake for newbies, unless you are looking for the one-in-a-million get-rich-quick scheme that populates that outfit.

    If you are looking for a long term career, building sites and promoting products you can be proud of, then look through the REAL affiliate networks - Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon, Advantlink, Affiliate Window, eBayEnterprise, even Linkshare, and now also Impact Radius. Look for merchants, not "Offers" and find their products that fit your interests and about which you can enjoy researching and writing.

    Build real sites or blogs with real information, promoting real products that the average consumer WANTS to buy, not something that you have to convince them that will change their life.

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