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    Hi all,
    I am new with EPN.
    I manage a website which review a specific product category (products for pets within Ebay Italy).
    this months my ebay account has registered 122 clicks (my links target directly to the product page with "BUY NOW" option) and I have received a 0.00 commission...
    Is that a normal? I mean 0/122 seems a very bad result, isn't?
    I have received no messages or notices of violation of EPN agreement from EPN...

    Any ideas, which conversion rate is good?

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    Don't trust the number, you have to read your site's logs to see how many real visitors were there. As for the clicks, those might be made by bots.

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    EPN changed its cookie duration last year, and lots of people are getting results like yours.

    New Pricing FAQs | eBay Partner Network Blog

    I recently sold a good short domain name that was well suited for showing ebay auctions. the website revenue dropped to almost nothing after EPN's last change, so it didn't make sense to turn down a nice offer for it.
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    122 is far too small of a sample to draw any kind of conclusions with. And you have to consider that some products will convert well because of the types of shoppers they tend to attract (replacement parts for various machines and appliances, with specific sizes and model numbers), and some will waste most traffic because they tend to attract a lot of lookie-loos (designer clothing, high-end jewelry, etc.). If I had one dollar for every 122 clicks I've sent out of my websites, I'd be richer than a leprechaun lol. There will be times when you may deliver over a thousand clicks without generating an order... but by the same token, there will also be the odd occasion where you generate two or three orders over a span of ten or twenty clicks. Once you have delivered several thousand clicks you should start to get some clue as to whether what you are doing is going to work out in the long run or not.
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