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    VPS vs Reseller Acct
    I am confused between a vps server vs. a reseller acct.

    If I have 5 or 6 wesites and I normally host them on a vps server, would I get better performance on a comparable reseller act?

    Is there a difference in performance?

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    It depends on the provider, to be honest. Different providers have different definitions of "reseller account". Some just give you a single cPanel account on a shared server, some give you basically a VPS that is already pre-loaded with WHM or some other easy control software to split up your accounts with. Many reseller accounts are not on dedicated instances; instead they're sharing resources on a single server. A VPS is also technically "shared", although if a provider has set it up right, it's like living in an apartment (virtual environment with dedicated resources) vs. a house (dedicated server).

    As far as performance goes, a lot will depend on how that reseller account or VPS is set up. You'll want to look at both and see what resources are dedicated to you and which are shared. That will help you in your decision.

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    Most vps give you control over httpd settings. If all you are using the vps is for is hosting your own accounts you could save money on a reseller account - depending on the nature of your sites. I prefer it because I can assign a separate IP for each domain, but that varies from one host to another. On the other hand, I cannot assign server resources as a reseller, I just get a big chunk of disk and bandwidth to divvy up. Compare, compare, compare is the rule. Then ask around.

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    I have both. I have a Reseller account for my web sites and a WordPress blog. Each domain has it's own cPanel and that's very simple. I have a very small (128 MB OpenVZ) VPS that I have OpenVPN AS installed on, that costs USD$15 per year. It is a Private VPN for our family to use when we are not at home and need to use WiFi or Ethernet with a Laptop or Tablet. A VPS is like having a Dedicated Server and there is Server Management involved, to keep it as safe and as secure as one possibly can. With a Reseller Account, the Provider does that.

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    In Web hosting business a reseller account is a shared hosting account with reseller privileges. And, a VPS is a virtual machine normally with hardware resources dedicated to you and you can use it to sell shared hosting accounts.

    The problem with a reseller account is that it is shared with your neighbors who might be eating all the server resources and leaving you with nothing. Then every day you will have to contact the hosting provider to suspend or terminate the neighbors who are abusing the server. Also, if the main server is compromised your reseller account will be.

    While in VPS "and I am here not talking about OpenVZ that allows overselling" you will have your own server, better security, no overselling and you have full control on every aspect of your web hosting environment.

    I hope this helps.

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    If you're after the performance boost, then you have to figure out what the current bottleneck of the system is.

    For example, for database driven sites no VPS is efficient enough, you need a dedicated server. It makes sense to get a VPS when 128-256MB of RAM is all you'll ever need, and that'll cost you $1-1.50 a month in the USA.
    A dedicated server with 16-24GB is about $50-60 (located in the US) and gives you 5 usable IPs (sometimes it's 4 plus 1 used for KVM).
    I'm running one of my sites on a 256MB VPS, it uses a huge mysql database, but I keep that on another server which is dedicated. With them being 15ms apart, it works just fine.

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