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    New Affiliate Program and Nexus Tax Law
    Hello -

    I'm new to the affiliate marketing world and the company I work for wants to start an affiliate program. I've been researching the Nexus Tax law and can't figure out if we need to exclude states or not (I am reaching out to our accounting department too but I'm hoping to get a grasp on this sooner). We are located in Iowa and we currently collect sales tax on all our online sales in all states. Since we collect sales tax do we still have to worry about the nexus tax ?

    Thanks for any and all guidance!

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    Hello Nikki, are you paying the taxes collected to the appropriate state or to your state?

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    Talk to a lawyer and an accountant.

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    Chuck - We actually pay to each state (down to the county if we can).

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    If you already collect in 50 States, the nexus issue would be moot for you with regards to sales tax... The above advice is still valid i.e. talk to an actual lawyer or accountant but you are correct in your assumption ...

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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