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    Using Twitter

    Does anybody here have some insight/tips about using twitter to drive traffic to a site? Can it be done to any significant measure?

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    It should be part of a social networking strategy and not just used by itself. You have to add value to the conversation the same as you do for web pages.

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    There's definitely an advantage to tweeting a new post or product as you publish, especially if you have a large Twitter following. Tweets and re-tweets can drive traffic. Whether or not it's valuable traffic is another story. As Chuck said, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are definitely an asset to getting the word out about your site, but it should be part of your overall strategy and used accordingly. Otherwise, you're just tweeting links to a disinterested audience and it's not only waste of time, but it can devalue your brand in the long run.

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    What about posting some quotes related to your business, I usually find that twitter users interact with famous quotes. But also you need to set a social media agenda for twitter in order to get more traffic and fans.
    good Luck

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    Twitter can generate traffic but don't expect miracles from it. Typically social media has to go viral in a big way before it generates traffic to a website that is selling something.

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    I think you should use twitter, but you need to use it as a part of a whole detailed social media campaign. Twitter won't be effective alone. Use it to share some valuable insights with your customers. Something that your customers really would want to look at, but don't just suffice with that.

    you'll need an overall good brand image for twitter to generate traffic in a good measure!

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