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    Multiple Conversion Codes for One Merchant?
    I am an affiliate marketer with my own website.
    I don't belong to a network, so I work directly with merchants to sell their products. It's a pay-per-sale model.

    So, if I have more than one product that I'm selling on my website for one merchant, do i need to give that merchant multiple conversion tracking codes, or do i just need to give them one (to insert into their "Thank You for Your Order" page, the unique URL that buyers will see after they purchase the product)?

    I'm using Linktrackr.

    If you have any input, please let me know.
    - Scott

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    The traditional model is they have to run a javascript on every page of their site to set a tracking cookie. They also need to run your pixel on their Thank You page and program the cart to transmit the sales data to your tracking software. Better to get on the phone with Linktrackr to figure this all out then make sure you have detailed documentation for the merchants webmaster to integrate your tracking software.

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