CJ now has a series of Training Tutorials. There is a link to them on the left side of the Publisher's Home Page.

There are 10 of them available, and I chose one to see how valuable it might be. The one I chose to watch was the one entitled "Time Saving Link Tools".

It explains very little, and basically only names a few available tools. However, I have a big problem with its glowing reference to the Link Generator Tool, that is mentioned first and foremost in the video.

There was a thread a year or so ago about this when it was added, and nothing has changed since then. Despite the lavish praise for the tool, it still does not work. I have tried to use it with numerous CJ merchants and many different pages, and not once did it generate a link. In the past, it would give an error message saying something to the effect that this merchant does not have the tool activated. After watching the video today, I again tried the Link Generator, on two different CJ merchant sites (Spirit Halloween and Cost Plus World Market), and each time it spun and spun until timing out.

More worthless stuff from CJ.

Has anyone had any luck with the Link Generator and does anyone find any of the Training Tutorials worthwhile?