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    Good day to you all!

    I have a few, somewhat complicated questions that hopefully someone here donŽt find complicated and can give me a few pointers.

    Q1. When starting up as an affiliate, what are the first points of action on your agenda?

    I have asked several affiliates, and I get each as many different answers - and I am left confused as to what I should focus on.

    Q2. From what IŽve seen; domain and webhosting should be bought from two separate companies. Why is that?

    My focus for starters is in banking and finance. Searching the term "credit card" in one specific country reveals two competitors with good quality content. A more thorough search reveals plenty of other competitors - but with poor quality content, offers, outdated banners and poor navigation.

    Q3. How can I find out my competitors rank, in terms of world wide value, nation wide value?

    Q4. Is there a way for me to look up how much traffic my competitors have?

    Q5. Can I use tools or features found online to see what kind of keywords they have bought and rank on?

    Q6. What should I look for when researching competitors?

    Q7. How can I put all that info into something understandable? In example, comparing rates between affiliate programs on a spreadsheet in excel.

    Q8. I am thinking of buying a wordpress theme. I have no experience with building a website, but I do know that SEO is important. Is buying a theme from worth it? Regardless of the answerŽs yes/no; why?

    Edit: One final question. Everything is becoming mobile in my country, so I reckon that 70% of traffic will be through mobile devices. Should I focus on building a standard website, or mobile optimized first? (If building a regular site, will wordpress theme from studiopress automate this?)

    IŽll welcome any sort of answer. TheyŽre much appreciated. Hopefully, I can give back to the community after earning some time on the tracks.
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