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    Thumbs down cancel a network contract

    just wondering if domebody can help us as we invested 10,000 usd in an affiliate network that has produced us CERO SALES, but no just that, not even TRAFFIC! plus they are not following the contract terms.
    they took 2 months to set up the pixel, in the middle of the contract they just changed the affiliate manager and group/ the new guy has 2 months doing almost nothing, this is a nightmare.

    I hope somebody can give me some advice

    thank you!

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    The first question has to be what is the network?

    I have to assume that it is not one of the top handful, who are generally pretty responsive to merchant needs.

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    Answer that question and where you are located so we can determine if its possible to bring action against the network. There are 100s of stories on ABW over the last decade where certain types of networks have taken the money and not produced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound View Post
    The first question has to be what is the network?

    I have to assume that it is not one of the top handful, who are generally pretty responsive to merchant needs.
    Looks like he addressed that back in May. Clicky - Looks like eBay-Pepeprjam.

    The network should be held accountable for getting everything set up in an expeditious manner. But is the network responsible for sales? Likewise, is the network responsible for traffic.
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    Hi, yes it is ebay-pepperjam. they have 3 level of service, mainly on your own, with a full team working for your program or the one we chosed which is the mid program (we decided to pay more so at least they are also responsible, as they do not commit to anything, the only ones committing to a full year contract is the merchant). This is included:

    •Dedicated account manager
    •Publisher application review
    •Creative Refresh packages
    •Newsletter creation
    •Monthly Calls
    •Quarterly Business Review

    They took around 2 months to set the pixel
    after 4 months of having the pixel installed they decided to switch account manager ( this was the 6th month so half of the contract time)
    After 2 months the new account manager comes with the idea of just selling one of our 3 resorts /(this was a condition to be in ebay- having both 3 resorts in the program) and many more situations...
    I know sales is not there responsability, neither traffic, but we just haven´t received what we bought and so we are dissapointed and very pissed of. We wish we could get back at least some money back so we can invest in another network.

    And BTW I don not reccomend ebay´s network at all! all the publisher lists are not well organized and a lot of them show websites that do not exists (this is something that I also regret in the past to this guys)

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to post here.

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