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    Do bloggers on this site link w/each other?
    Surfing through the forums I see that a common piece of advice given to newbie bloggers for generating traffic is that they should be a guest blogger with links back to their site from a fellow blogger.

    Is this done in practice on this forum? ie-members of this forum joining each others blogs as well as outside this forum.

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    A few years ago, guest blogging and article marketing were a popular and legitimate way to get links to your site, and they helped a lot of affiliates gain traction, but the recent devaluation of those types of links makes it less likely to be beneficial today. Like any good thing, too much of it seems to have made it less useful.

    Links used to be a valuable part of getting your site seen and to help the rankings, but today only limited types of 'editorial' links have real value. Most of the links people added freely a few years ago have been changed to "nofollow" links because of the drastic penalties applied for suspect link profiles. Another thing to keep in mind is that for your site to be relevant to another site, to give or get a valuable link, affiliates would be linking to their competitors. I don't think you will find lots of link networks in affiliate marketing, at least not sites that aren't crying about evil penguins. I may have a site about shoes and link to your cooking site, but it would be a real stretch to relate the two topics and make the link seem natural.

    Link building is an art, it involves finding sites that share relevance with your site, introducing your site and hopefully making it seem like a site they would want to share with their readers. It isn't a very good idea to just link to unrelated sites just because the blogger is a friend of yours, it can be seen as an unnatural link and not one that helps them very much. A brand new site with lots of links looks suspect.

    A few good links given voluntarily because the other site wants to share your content is the kind of links you want to cultivate. Really it does not take more than a few good links to boost a site nicely. I would rather have 3 good editorial links than 300 baloney links any day.

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    One thing I'll add here though- we're still seeing value from guest blogs if they're adding real, authentically valuable content to your site visitors. Even if google isn't valuing the links as much as they used to, you'll still generate traffic from real users if you are writing about something that sparks their interest. In our experience that traffic is valuable traffic that converts, although it might not be very high volume.
    Mark McKnight

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