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    Question Dynamic product page deletion
    OK, let's imagine this, you have a site with a bunch of products that are related in some way. Now when a user clicks on your product you can do one of two things: 1) Send the user to the product page on the merchants site. 2) Send them to your product specific page where you can do some additional preselling, give extra info, include coupons, make suggestions of other products the visitor might like, whatever you can think of. (Hopefully in google estimation give your visitor a nice pleasant experience.)

    This page is of course generated from info in your database and the url looks like this and the prodnum is unique per products. This is great and you are happy and google is happy. But what happens when the product is no longer available. Internally on your site there is no link to this vacant page, but what about the google (and what I say google i mean any search engine) Google still has the url stored

    I envision four scenarios (in particular order)
    1) Leave the product in your database and say something like product currently unavailable
    2) force a 404 error
    3) Blank page with meta tags of noindex/nofollow
    4) Forward the user to another page on your site, send a general page or product unavailable you might like this instead.

    I'm sure there are other scenarios. Anyone have any thought on the matter? I personally have to give this issue more thought. I wish there was a way to tell google hey that page is gone stop indexing it immediately.
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    404 page with options for the visitor...
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    Also show a few similar products in the same product category.

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