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    Joan Rivers
    Joan Rivers, a pioneer and trailblazer who opened up uncharted avenues for women in the field of comedy and in other show biz areas, died today at 81, following several days in a coma after suffering cardiac arrest during elective surgery.

    In the 1960s, Rivers was a regular guest on the Ed Sullivan Show and on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and after becoming his regular fill-in as guest host, she then became the first woman to host her own late night talk show.

    Her decades of fame and success included many feuds, affairs, and tragedies. She was perhaps as well known for her numerous plastic surgeries as she was for her acerbic wit and willingness to say anything about anybody at any time.


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    Sad to see her go and 81 is a young age these days. Always thought she was a comedy genius and felt sorry for her after seeing her documentary. Other than have a close daughter she was a lonely woman destined to looks for acceptance. Am sure the kids here at ABW have no clue who she, Johnny Carson or Ed Sullivan Show are! Didn't she get blackballed by Johnny when she started her own show?

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    Yes, once she decided to do the competing nighttime talk show, she and Johnny Carson never spoke again. Her show only lasted two seasons. She also went through a tough time when her husband, the show's producer, committed suicide a little while after that. Like she said "who wants to see a comic whose husband has just died"? But I'll never forget....

    "Can we talk?"

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