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    Bringing the CPC cost down in Adwords by improving ad quality (how to?)
    So here are a few things that have already been done so far

    0) Have an actual product (took 4 years to get commercial grade)
    1) Set up a site with relevant content
    2) Setup AdWords account
    3) Create ads with specific landing pages

    My CPC went from $1.2 to $8

    Ofcourse at those rates, I cant afford to advertise there.
    The landing page is flagged as average
    Expected Conversion is average
    Ad Match is average

    How do i improve the ad/landing page to decrease my CPC?

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    What you didn't mention is how competitive are those keywords? Are they in a highly competitive vertical, like insurance leads? Are they long tail? Are you actually paying $8 when you get the click, or is that their projected cost (which rarely is that much)?

    Long tail can take the cost down because there's less competition.

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    One of the keywords for example is "Auto Dealer Website"
    Used to be 1.4-1.8 now it shows up as $8 CPC

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcs View Post
    One of the keywords for example is "Auto Dealer Website"
    Used to be 1.4-1.8 now it shows up as $8 CPC
    The phrase "Auto Dealer" is going to be very expensive for you. No surprise that it is coming in at $8 bucks a click. Are you really in the automotive niche? PPC is going to be outrageously expensive because you are going to be competing with local dealerships in each town in the US. This is probably why your quality score is low too. Think about it, when someone searches for such a term, what are the odds that they want a national brand versus a local one?

    Are you using phrase match? Then you are really competing against terms like "Austin Auto Dealer Website" and that is why you have poor relevance. Try exact match.

    I don't know, its a scary vertical to me, but people do it. Same with credit cards, super expensive to advertise, but I guess the rewards are great if you can "get it right". Good Luck!
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    auto dealer website
    avg monthly searches 70
    competition High
    suggested bid $17.99

    seems like the keyword is pointless even if you could get it for a penny a click

    if you've got a product that you actually own, then generic keywords would be a bad match

    also, "average" score is actually not good at all. make sure Google understands the content on your pages. what I mean is find your pages in Google Search and see if the title/description are what you meant them to be. sometimes Google makes a mess out of a very simple page layout.

    but most importantly, before going AdWords, you must know AdWords enough to answer your own question.

    best of luck! (I consider AdWords a gambling site)

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    You're wasting your time targeting that phrase with PPC - You're not an auto dealership.

    You need to be targeting what you sell to auto dealerships. Auto Dealerships would not be searching for "Auto Dealer Website" in regards to your product/services - so the search phrase is NOT relevant to your website, hence the inflated costs per click...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Thank you all for the feedback
    In the last few days I've been digging a little deeper into the AdWords side of marketing.
    I am honestly debating if it would be cheaper for me to do a direct mail campaign since I already know the customers I am trying to target

    Also, I think that was just one example, but for example "used car dealership website" would be something prospective customers would search by too.

    What are your thoughts?

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    The reason your keywords are so expensive that even thought you are using full match pattern "" big companies with money use wide match, e.g. car dealer. That's why you CPC is so high.

    There is a chance that you can lover you CPC if you dramatically increase your CTS, by 4-5 times compared to competition. But are your ads really so appealing that people will click on them that much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by login View Post
    I consider AdWords a gambling site
    Without a doubt - it's a gamble. Any form of advertising usually is. The only way to know if something is working is to let it run its course for some time. That "time" could be a few weeks, days, or even hours. Up to you. But having a variety of different ads with different target keywords will allow you do compare them side by side to see which one is costing less and/or getting the most clicks. I've found Google's Keyword Planner to be helpful in locating the keywords I'd like to test.

    Best of luck! -Joe

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