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    September 11th, 2014
    No Problem more with Adblocker
    Hi Community,

    First of all: i don't have any experience with affliate marketing
    I have a question ... Maybe anybody can help me ...

    If i have found a way to make the Adblocker useless, what kind of thing can i do with this System?
    Anyone knows how many Internet Users use the adblocker? 30/40%?

    The Solution is not an Javascript ... it's definitly cooler


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    Affiliate Network Rep JCrooks - AffiliateWindow's Avatar
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    That would be considered a black-hat method, and we don't condone anything that's black hat technology on ABestWeb.
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    September 11th, 2014
    Hey Jcrooks,

    It's a legal method ... not any cracking or hacking ...
    It's completly legal ...

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    zcache, Just for argument's sake:

    Black Hat does NOT mean illegal - it's more about personal ethics.

    Again, as was said earlier:

    "we don't condone anything that's black hat technology on ABestWeb"
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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