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    Post 18 Years in Affiliate Marketing, Time to Go Back to a 9 - 5 Job
    I still make a few sales but now I'm not making enough to live on so I have put together a resume for a Chef position and I have a couple of interviews lined up this week. Things like this just make it unsustainable now and too unpredictable. Also with the coupon sites losing commissions a lot then that has effected me too even though most of my sites now are content or datafeed driven.

    But these take time and effort and focus. Having too many website can be a hazard, you need to focus.... I made my first coupon website in 1996 and my first merchant was Amazon. My biggest year was 2008 making up to 10k per month promoting domain name vanity coupons for companies like Dotster but half of my commissions came from many other channels. Even back around 2004 was pretty good too but Google killed a lot of that easy income.

    The worst days can show zero commissions, actually I had a few zero commission days lately so that helped make me decide to look at other things.

    I have probably made over 1 million in commissions and many more in sales. I still have 50 websites I will still work on. I currently have a project working on an authority website for my local city "Sydney" that I'm developing and have big plans for. I used to have several hundred websites and I plan to only have around 20 -30 in time. The problem is having too many you can't focus.

    I'm glad I invested in a couple of properties when the commissions were rolling in especially around 2007 to 2010. Everyone should invest their money offline or in some other eggs as one day you might look back and kick yourself for not doing that. Since then it has been downhill although it picked up dramatically early in 2013 for 4 -5 months and I recovered a lot then.

    Even though those 2013 sales did not rely on Google they still got affected in indirect ways so since then it's been tough. Also, traveling around to exotic islands and laying on beautiful beaches chasing tropical beauties has also not helped in the concentration department since 2008 and especially in the last year. Partying and playing take your mind of your goals and it's hard to work when you have a good time. Then you look at your bank balance and think hmm, I better change something here ha.

    Back in Australia, back to reality, looking at my finances I decided I better go back and be a chef again after 20 years. My fiancée I met on a tropical island has just started a degree in restaurant management and our long term plan is to buy a nice piece of land by our favorite beach and build a resort that will have a restaurant and bar. So if I work back in the hospitality industry again it will help me prepare for our restaurant. We both love food and we enjoy uploading recipes and videos to our cooking websites too.

    So I'm pleased to say affiliate marketing has paid my bills and given me a mostly very satisfying lifestyle for most of the last 14 years. It's certainly not the end, it's just time to focus on a few other things more but I will still be around working on various projects but just in my spare time mainly for awhile.

    What is the point of this thread? There is none

    thanks good luck, bye for now,,,,!
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    Also, this sort of thing makes it hard...I made a website for organic meat, spent hours looking for merchant with datafeed with what looks like organic meat products. Then many more developing it to work,,,

    Then after several months running their products I get email sent: "Merchant name - Affiliate Program Application DECLINED"

    This is an automated notification regarding a status change for the Merchant name. ShareASale Affiliate Program.

    This merchant has declined you from their program.

    If you have any questions regarding this change, you should contact the merchant via your ShareASale account.
    Hi, what is the reason for this?
    I got tis message and I fully understand but this is just an example of how there are so many issues to deal with each day. I found it so hard to find any meat merchants. let alone organic ones.

    Hi "glittered" - thanks for reaching out. While your site looks very credible and would be a great addition, you've been declined because (merchant name) are NOT organic beef. Our cattle are grass fed, but grain finished. This is already a point of confusion for us that generates several calls and emails to our customer service department.

    Because of this, I did not want to cause any confusion with your site visitors and folks popping over to check out our products.

    Thanks very much,
    grass fed, grain fed, whatever I need some sleep lol
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    Take off eh?
    I had a whole life story typed about how I can relate and you need to do what you need to do, but you know what you need to do. You know you have this in your back pocket.

    You have something you are passionate about and good at in addition to having sites to keep going with at whatever pace you choose.

    So I have nothing to offer, but my best wishes and a request that, when that resort is built and the restaurant and bar open, there is a special ABW rate both on commissions for bookings we sell and on room rates for when we visit.
    We do need a bar. With drink specials. And a datafeed of the drink options. Formatted properly of course.
    Been away, now I'm back. Not as much, but I'm back & starting from scratch. Where I was, was fantastic. Where I am now, less so. Things have changed, become harder. So have I. Game ON!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glittered View Post

    What is the point of this thread? There is none
    Not sure about others, but to me there are several great points about your post, two of the biggest being:

    - Focus on what matters most (makes you the most money) spreading yourself too thin among too many projects will have a negative impact. Some of the wealthiest affiliates I've met don't have too many web properties, in fact in most cases they only work on their main one.
    - What got you here today, will not get you there tomorrow (yesterdays tactics will not always work), So stay current (+focused) and keep you eyes on the ultimate prize and don't fall into temptations until the goal is reached.

    All the best and good luck with your new adventure - no doubt you guys will succeed.
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    Good luck, glittered! It's been a pleasure. Reach out anytime, GM

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    Good luck, glittered! Make sure you drop in every once in a while.

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    Best to you and your fiancé, glittered! Life has more than enough room for more than one dream and your new one sounds fabulous...wishing you much success.

    +1 on what popdawg said. :-)
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    Good luck with everything! Thanks for sharing your affiliate history. Always interesting.

    Come back and tell us how it's going.

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    thanks everyone, as I said I will still be around but only part time now. In the future I hope to get back to making the income I had several years back, even if it's just a side income stream.

    Kush, yes I agree fully, I hope others can learn something here. If I was to start again and I know what I know now I would only have one or two websites and focus hard, build a business plan for that website and run it like any other business. If you have too many pots on the stove it's hard to keep up

    Yes popdawg, when our resort is built I will update here and you will all be welcome to visit on a special discount. We hope it will be started in 2 years. We have the block of land in mind, we just hope it won't rise in value too much before we can get our hands on it.

    Here is a pic of the beach in front of the land taken on a rare cloudy day:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Ah, it's so refreshing to hear someone passionate about the direction they're going in! Best of luck to you in this new venture. It looks like a beautiful spot to have a restaurant, with a much better view than a computer screen!
    Erin Walsh,
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    I would consider that a very successful affiliate career. Not many here can boast of a million dollars in total commissions.

    Good luck on your new adventure.

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    glittered, Best of luck! I hope you achieve all you dream for.

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