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    Post Current COPPA Case
    Don't get involved with personal information collecting
    that could entangle your website with COPPA violations.

    I think it's easier not to ask for personal information than to
    get entangled in legal challenges.

    Thus, a small percentage of users who were younger than 13 (amounting to thousands according to the complaint) and who accessed the Yelp service via the mobile app, were registering by providing their birth dates and other personal information. On the basis of these facts, the FTC alleged that Yelp had “actual knowledge” that it was collecting personal information from children under 13 years of age in violation of COPPA.
    Source: COPPA Update: Ask and Ye Shall Receive
    Here's an excellent legal article about the case:
    COPPA Update: Ask and Ye Shall Receive…Actual Knowledge
    COPPA Update: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

    Currently the cases involve Yelp and TinyCo:
    Yelp Fined $450k for Violating COPPA
    Yelp Fined $450k for Violating COPPA

    Yelp and TinyCo settle with FTC over COPPA Rule violations

    Basic advice: Don't collect identifiable information on your site especially if there's a risk that the identifiable information could be coming from children.

    If information is collected, explain how, why, and the compliance factors in your disclaimer.
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