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    International Travel continues to grow
    Latest figures offered by Skift show tourism everywhere is growing, except the Middle East. 22 million more travelers just between January - June!

    Lots of implications for travel sites for sure.

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    Mrs. Beachy and I are a part of those numbers, having flown to Europe twice (actually three times for the Mrs) and sailed on four cruises over the last few years. We've been to 11 different countries so far and will be adding three new ones on a cruise this coming winter. (Not internationally, we've been to 44 of our 50 states - so far.)

    BTW - Affiliate Marketing has made most of out traveling possible.
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    Despite, or perhaps due to, the extremely tough winter travel has increased significantly in 2014. Particularly, like the numbers Skift shows, for the first 2 quarters. It has definitely been a good time to hop on board with an OTA affiliate program!

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