Hello everyone,

I am here today to share another unethical merchants story to keep him on your watch list ( Dresslink.com ) whose affiliate manager refused to pays commissions for legitimate sales.

Few days ago we made 2 sales for this store by one of our customers, followed by another sale for another customer. The first 2 got voided, and the customer contacted us. I emailed the affiliate manager seeking his help to check why these two commission were denied, the affiliate manager emailed me back saying two words : "No,Thanks"

Not sure what does that mean ? I am asking his help to explain why the commissions are being voided without explanation ? I emailed him back asking what does that "No,Thanks" mean. He ignored my email and the next day he voided the other customer commission as well. I Checked the reversal rate on this store at SaS, and it was 38% + for last 30 days ( was 66% last week ).

I am not concern about losing few dollars, I am just glad we didn't bother promote them further.