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    Go after a monopolized niche
    I want to get into a Niche that is almost monopolized by three sites. Is it worth it to take a piece of the pie ?

    the thing is one of the sites is a non profit organization so they post their earnings . and it is high!!

    any tips on how to tackle this?

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    If they are well established and you are brand new, that's not a good place to start.

    If all you do is chase the money, you won't succeed in this business. You'll never stop working and chasing, with few results. You need to learn more about the industry first.

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    To succeed in a monopolized and/or crowded, you need one of two things:

    1) You need to be able to do things better than the established players, and/or
    2) You need to focus on a niche within the niche.

    If you can do one of those things, you have a chance of success. If not, it's probably a waste of your time.

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    A good question to ask yourself is, "why is the niche monopolized by only three sites"? Either it's not as easy to make money in as you think, or there's some barrier to entry that you haven't seen yet. Maybe the niche market doesn't respond well to affiliate marketing. Who knows? Maybe it's just a very new niche and not many people are even aware enough of it to try to capitalize on it. Without knowing what the niche is, it's hard to say why there is so little competition.

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