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    Revisited: Coupon code scraping doesn't pay!
    I posted this originally in my sponsored forum but wanted to discuss in public so am editing merchant name here:
    At [Merchant Name] we employ several technology tools to increase your conversion. One that can hurt you is to scrap and post an exclusive coupon code. Exclusive coupon codes trump other codes added to the cart and pay ONLY to the affiliate they were created for.

    We have noticed many scrapped exclusive coupon codes. Furthermore we have noticed affiliates posting these to paid search. If you have done this you have successfully made money for another affiliate while funding their sales with your paid search. Suggest you stop immediately and if you need an audit please reach out to me directly.

    Your cooperation is appreciated,

    Chuck Hamrick
    Trademark Compliance
    One of my biggest affiliates had stopped making sales and upon an audit done with Brand Verity I found they had scrapped another affiliates exclusive coupon code. I sent this to all affiliates in my program(s) equally but this particular affiliate didn't respond. So, I sent them a personal copy to several managers. Took them a day to clean it up and their sales immediately came back on.

    Other couponers responded, we audited and made sure they used the private link, sales increased next day.

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    Exactly the way it should be done.

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